My running workshop follows four fundamental rules, which are covered at the beginning of each class. Unlike most rules, such as "don't eat ice cream before dinner" or "don't throw rocks at your sister," these rules are very easy to follow. They don't apply just to Minimalist Monday, either.

Since they seem to be good practice for all barefoot runners, and perhaps life in general, I thought they were worth sharing.

So here you go, the four rules of Minimalist Monday:
  1. The first rule of Minimalist Mondays is you DO talk about Minimalist Mondays.
    The minimalist revolution is a community-driven movement and we are all its ambassadors. It did not stem from doctors or shoe companies, but folks like you who were brave enough listen to their own bodies and believe in its ability to support itself. Share your experiences and share loudly, as the right words at the right time might just add years, many miles, and much joy to a runner’s career.

  2. Run in your own footsteps.
    We are a community but we are not interchangeable parts. Each of us has come from a different place, and has our own journey going forward. Listen closely to your body and let it be your guide, rather than your ego, group dynamics, or a pre-set schedule. This is the key to preventing injury.

  3. Less is (usually) more.
    Less footwear, less heel strike, less impact, less bounce, less tension, less slouch, less plodding, less time on the ground, less reaching, less weaving, less overbreathing and less injury means more efficiency, more relaxation, more freedom of movement, more running, and more joy.

  4. Enjoy the practice of running.
    Running is a skill, and like any skill requires awareness and focused practice to hone. Learn to enjoy this practice and you will find Happy Running.
Use them wisely.


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