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I've been running for many years, and I've been running with pain for many years. When I started wearing barefoot-style shoes, my pain went away. Now I'm learning there's a lot more to barefoot and minimalist running than just landing on your forefoot. I'm very fortunate to be in a position that allows me to learn from experts about healthy minimalist running form, both through my job and through my community, and I'm crazy excited to dive into it and share my experiences.

I've had blogs before and I know the commitment and work required to keep them goingand how easy it is to let them fall by the wayside. Running and writing are topics I'm very passionate about and I've been planning this blog for a long time, so I expect to keep up with it.

Full disclosure: I work for a local company that makes barefoot-style shoes right here in my small town of Corvallis, Oregon. The company is Soft Star Shoes and my official title is Web Elf, which means I handle their web updates, SEO management, product photography and a bunch of other computery things that seem to fit my skills. If you follow this blog then I guarantee you'll notice some bias in favor of Soft Star's shoes. I won't deny that I'm partial to them, but I'll always insist that I wouldn't be working for them or running in their shoes if I didn't absolutely love their product. I think I have the best job in the world, but more about that later. I promise I'll do my best to give honest, open-minded opinions. And please remember that anything I write on this site reflects my personal views, not those of Soft Star.

In the meantime, thanks for staying patient while I get the new blog setup. If you want to know more about me, then I encourage you to check out my other blogs, past and present:

  • Got the WWOOF Bug: About my adventures as a WWOOF volunteer working on organic farms a few years ago. Unlike most blogs, it had a defined ending when that part of my life was finished.
  • Short Stories and Very Short Stories: A creative outlet I began to motivate myself to write more. It works for that purpose, but I don't feel obliged to update it often (unlike this blog).
  • Live Bare: The Soft Star blog. Although it isn't my blog, I write most of the posts under the name Elf Martin.
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